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  • ✔3X FASTER RESULTS DUE TO MAX ABSORPTION & HIGHER BIOAVAILABILITY: Himalayan Organics ZMA tablets have 3 times more powerful formula than most others. Get 100% of your daily requirements converted for Magnesium, Zinc, and vitamin B6 with each serving.
  • ✔IMPROVES MUSCLE SIZE & STRENGTH BY PROTEIN SYNTHESIS: These triple-action tablets play an important role in protein synthesis & improve Insulin levels in the body which stimulates the growth of muscle tissue.
  • ✔REDUCES FATIGUE BY IMPROVING SLEEP QUALITY: Zinc and Magnesium are a perfect combination for improving sleep quality. Himalayan Organics ZMA has a perfect balance of both minerals which activates your nervous system, relaxes your mind, and promotes peaceful sleep.
  • ✔BOOSTS POST WORKOUT MUSCLE RECOVERY: ZMA improves endurance and recovery. Himalayan Organics ZMA tablets for men & women might help improve endurance by increasing the body’s ability to resist, withstand, and recover from exercise-induced or fatigue.
  • ✔RELIEF FROM MUSCLE CRAMP AND SORENESS: When muscles create force the fibres contract. Without sufficient magnesium, the muscle fibers lock together and the muscle cannot relax. Himalayan Organics ZMA tablets help avoid cramps & soreness that no other zinc and magnesium supplements for women & men.
  • ✔ACCELERATED RECOVERY – ZMA is a scientifically designed and laboratory tested anabolic mineral formula that supports lean muscle growth. One study found that ZMA can significantly increase free testosterone levels and total testosterone levels in trained athletes.
  • ✔FIGHT MINERAL DEFICIENCY – Research shows that rigorous exercise can deplete zinc and magnesium levels, making it essential for everything from bodybuilding to everyday use.
  • ✔ACTIVE LIFESTYLE FORMULA – your body demands greater nutritional needs to fuel your active lifestyle, Zinc Magnesium Aspartate can help fill gaps in your micronutrient intake.

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