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  • Neutralises Bad Odour Causing Bacteria – Decylene Glycol is an antibacterial molecule which controls the growth of the bacteria primarily responsible for breakdown of sweat causing volatile organic compounds with bad odour. Additionally, Glycolic & Mandelic acid reduce the pH of the skin which help in further reducing bacterial growth.
  • Evens Underarm Skin Tone & Reduces Hyperpigmentation – Nonapeptide, a powerful biomimetic peptide that helps inhibits melanin producing hormones.Boosted with Butylresorcinol & Licorice root extract, which further enhance the melanin reduction to combat hyperpigmentation & promoting an even looking underarm complexion
  • Gentle Exfoliation – Combination of AHAs & BHA provides gentle multilevel exfoliation and promotes natural cell turnover. It helps reduces dark spots & acheive even toned underarms, revealing smoother and revitalised skin

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