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  • Electric water purifier with advance multi stage purification technology. Best for household drinking water need.
  • Technology: Advanced RO, UV , UF, TDS purification, Electrical & Storage : Electric purification – suitable for areas with water shortage,The regulator lets adjust the levels of TDS in the water manually to ensure you get healthy, safe and tasty drinking water
  • Best, low service cost, and High quality drinking water for your lovedones. Best product for every one easy to remove, easy to install and shift from one place to another.
  • Kindly note: waste water is thrown out by the machine which also neat and clean. It is encouraged to save the water in a container and use it for cleaning utensils, washing clothes
  • Fully automatic. Easy installation and low service cost, You need to pay Up-to Rs. 500/- to the technician for installation.

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