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  • Water proof Bed Protector: The waterproof OYO BABY Dry sheet for crib allows no stagnation of body liquid and also prevents any excess dampness from getting in. We have developed OYO BABY DRY SHEET specifically for babies and patients who need an extra level of security & comfort. This is exactly why it’s important to choose. It’s great to find products that are soft, comfortable and gentle on baby’s delicate skin while still being safe from germs.
  • Best for New parents: Parents need a fabric that can tolerate the fluids in urgent situations without causing any toxic effect. This is best for new and would be parent for sound sleep without getting wet. These OYO BABY dry sheet for baby come in a flat bed sheet. This baby dry bed sheet is used to cover the top of the mattress and you can easily spread this sheet on your small and large mattresses. Also it is available in baby drysheet for double bed.
  • Machine & hand Washable: Our waterproof under sheet is supported up too many washes. Simply hand wash or wash it in the machine, tumble dry, and put it back on the bed. Your sheet will be ready to offer premium protection, time and time again. You can undoubtedly wash them with one or the other hands or a machine. In spite of the fact that it is prudent to wash them with your hands since it doesn’t require a lot of investment, you can likewise wash them with a machine and hand too.
  • Extra Absorbent: Our reusable crib sheet constructed of 2-layer design which features a soft organic cotton top layer for added comfort and quicker wicking away of wetness, high absorbency and exclusive TPU water resistance inner layers, that absorbs 8 X water as its weight. You can place them below your baby to make sure that even after wetting it a few times, he/she can stay dry and comfortable.
  • Breathable Fabric: Breathable Fabric that provides you and your sweat free sleep. OYO BABY Dry Sheet is a multi-layer product, the main stay of which is a water proof, breathable membrane bonded to a very cosy top surface. OYO BABY Dry Sheet protects against dust mites, bacteria & allergens and is the best solution for the un-hygienic, non-absorbent rubber sheets that causes heat, rashes and perspiration. It is best infant bed cover. Must buy.

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