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  • YOUR PORTABLE POWERHOUSE: This super mix is the ultimate blend of nuts, fruit and seeds to help your entire body power up! We give you a nutritional all-rounder to keep up with all your health needs!
  • SUPER MIX SUPER TEAM: This snack is packed with almonds and cashews for a healthy heart, cranberries and amla for those antioxidant perks and a dose of crunchy pumpkin for protein!
  • BEST FOR THE BEST: Your favourite snack is made in small batches and uses only the most premium quality ingredients. This snack is vegan, gluten-free by its nature, and 100% wholesome!
  • ALL DAY, EVERY DAY: There is no time to enjoy this ZERO CHOLESTEROL snack! Be it on-the-go, a road trip, hikes, as a breakfast/salad topping, or a lunch box surprise—grab a delicious handful, anytime!
  • HAPPY INSIDE, HAPPY OUTSIDE: This snack offers a complete perspective on holistic health! It is a great source of dietary fiber and keeps your gut feeling happy and healthy. A blessing for all ages!

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