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Best Screwdriver Machines Under 1500 in India

Commissionkart offers a selection of the best screwdriver machines under 1500 in India. Shop now and find the perfect tool for your projects.

Best Screwdriver Machines Under 1500 in India
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Finding the right screwdriver machine for your needs can be tough, especially with so many options available under 1500 rupees in India. This blog post will break down the top 5 contenders, highlighting their features, pros, cons, and suitability for different tasks. Whether you’re a seasoned DIYer or a complete beginner, we’ll help you find the perfect electric screwdriver to tackle your next project.

Our Picks:

  1. IBELL Electric Screwdriver SD10-85/86 (Corded)
  2. TOMAHAWK® T7386 12V Cordless Screwdriver and Drill Machine
  3. KROST 12V Li-ion Dual Speed Keyless Chuck Drill (Cordless Drill Driver)
  4. Cheston Cordless Electric Screwdriver Machine with Bits
  5. Bennort Cordless Electric Screwdriver Machine with Bits And LED Light

Top Contenders:

1.IBELL Electric Screwdriver SD10-85/86 (Corded)

  • Corded electric screwdriver with 280W motor
  • 19+1 torque settings and drill mode for versatility
  • Variable speed control (0-750 RPM) for precision
  • 10mm chuck size for common screwdriver bits
  • Lacks portability due to corded design

Perfect for: DIYers who need a powerful and affordable option for frequent use on various projects.

Not ideal for: Those who need portability for working in different locations around the house.

2.TOMAHAWK® T7386 12V Cordless Screwdriver and Drill Machine

  • Compact and lightweight cordless screwdriver with drill function
  • 12V Lithium-ion battery with 2.5-hour charging time
  • 18+1 torque settings for various screw driving and drilling tasks
  • Variable speed control (0-350/1350 RPM)
  • 10mm chuck size
  • Lower torque compared to corded models

Perfect for: DIYers who need a cordless option for light-duty tasks and occasional drilling.

Consider another option if: You need a screwdriver for heavy-duty projects requiring high torque.

3.KROST 12V Li-ion Dual Speed Keyless Chuck Drill (Cordless Drill Driver)

  • Cordless drill driver with screwdriver functionality
  • 12V Lithium-ion battery with fast 1-hour charging
  • Variable speed control (0-550 RPM, 0-1550 RPM)
  • 18+1 clutch settings for precise screw driving
  • 10mm keyless chuck for easy bit changes
  • LED light for improved visibility
  • Carrying case for storage and portability
  • Higher price point compared to some other options

Perfect for: DIYers who need a versatile cordless option for a wide range of projects, including driving screws, drilling holes, and hanging pictures.

Consider another option if: You’re on a tight budget and only need a basic screwdriver for light-duty tasks.

4.Cheston Cordless Electric Screwdriver Machine with Bits

  • Budget-friendly cordless electric screwdriver
  • 4V Lithium-ion battery with USB charging
  • 3.5 Nm torque for basic screw driving tasks
  • 180 RPM no-load speed
  • 2-position pivoting handle for comfort
  • Includes 10pcs screwdriver bits
  • Lower torque and limited features compared to other options

Perfect for: Budget-conscious users who need a basic cordless screwdriver for occasional DIY projects around the house.

Consider another option if : Heavy-duty tasks requiring high torque or drilling functionality.

5.Bennort Cordless Electric Screwdriver Machine with Bits And LED Light

  • Feature-rich cordless screwdriver with drill function
  • 45-piece accessory kit includes screwdriver bits, drill bits, and a flexible shaft
  • Reversible function for both tightening and loosening screws
  • LED light for working in low-light conditions
  • 90-degree adjustable drill shaft for reaching tight spaces
  • More complex design might be intimidating for beginners

Perfect for: DIY enthusiasts who need a versatile cordless option with a variety of attachments for tackling a wide range of projects.

Consider another option if: You’re a complete beginner who prefers a simpler and more user-friendly screwdriver.

Features to Consider:

  • Corded vs. Cordless: Corded models offer consistent power but limit mobility. Cordless models provide freedom of movement but require battery charging.
  • Power Source: Corded models rely on a power outlet, while cordless options use rechargeable batteries. Consider battery life and charging time for cordless models.
  • Torque Settings: Higher torque allows for driving larger screws and drilling into tougher materials.
  • Speed Settings: Variable speed control provides precision for delicate tasks.
  • Chuck Size: This determines the diameter of screwdriver bits the machine can accept.
  • Additional Features: LED light for low-light visibility, ergonomic design for comfort, and a carrying case for portability are all valuable additions.

Why Buy an Electric Screwdriver Machine?

  • Save Time and Effort: Electric screwdrivers make driving and removing screws significantly faster and easier than manual screwdrivers.
  • Increased Precision: Clutch settings and variable speed control allow for precise control, reducing the risk of stripped screws or over-tightening.
  • Versatility: Many models can function as both screwdrivers and drills, expanding their usability for various projects.

Why Not Buy an Electric Screwdriver Machine?

  • Limited Applications: For very occasional use or very small projects, a manual screwdriver might suffice.
  • Initial Cost: Electric screwdrivers have a higher upfront cost compared to manual screwdrivers.
  • Bulkier and Heavier: They can be less convenient for tight spaces compared to a simple manual screwdriver.

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The best screwdriver machine under 1500 rupees depends on your individual needs and priorities. Consider the factors mentioned above and choose the model that best suits your project requirements and budget. With the right tool in hand and some potential savings from CommissionKart, you’ll be tackling DIY tasks with confidence in no time!


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